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- 1st Annual STEM Fair Coming Soon
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Friday, April 05, 2019
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1st Annual JES STEM Fair!

 May 9th 

6-7 PM

Complete your own STEM challenge!

This will be set up much like a Science fair. The main difference is instead of completing a scientific experiment, you will come up with your own question and move through the Engineering Design Process to answer it! Even if you choose not to participate, we would still like you to come see all of the amazing challenges!

1.   Ask: Come up with your question.

2.   Imagine: Brainstorm ideas.

3.   Plan: Draw a diagram.

4.   Create: Follow your plan. Test it out!

5.   Improve: What could work even better?

**All projects will be completed at home with the help of a parent.

**This fair is open to all students in all grades!

**Prizes for the top challenges!

**Please let us know by Tuesday, April 9th if you would like to participate and we will send home more information!

See attached flyer!


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