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- Teaundra McCray chosen as March Student of the Month
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Teaundra is very deserving of the title of JES Student of the Month. She serves as a positive role model for other students in many ways. She consistently displays a strong work ethic in class by going above and beyond what is expected. For example, she challenges herself to try a variety of genres in reading and she asks questions in math when she needs clarification. She often asks to do extra work! Also, Teaundra has proven to be an effective group leader in class.  She is a part of the JES Safety Patrol and serves with integrity. In addition, she follows school and classroom guidelines and genuinely wants to do what is right. Teaundra cares about others and consistently shows it with her smiles and kindness. She is a joy to be around.  Congratulations Teaundra!  We are so proud of you!



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