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Title One Parent Survey

2017 Title One Parent Survey
Title One requires school districts to receive input from parents concerning the parent engagement activities offered in the schools in the district. Your responses will assist the school district in ensuring that parent engagement activities being offered at the school meets your needs and interest. Please go to the Florence 5 website to find more information concerning Title One at
1. In the space provided, list the parenting activities you participated in last year such as PTO.

2. Please rate the effectiveness of parent engagement activities at your child's school by circling one of the following.
Very Effective Good Needs Improvement No Opinion
3. Do you receive information from the school about your child's test scores?
Yes No
4. Did you receive a copy of the Parent Engagement Policy in the school handbook?
Yes No
5. Did you receive a copy of the school/parent compact?
Yes No
6. Does the school schedule parent/teacher conferences at convenient times?
Yes No
7. If no what would be a better time?

8. In the space below, please indicate the types of parent activities that you would like to participate in at your child's school?

9. What day of the week is most convenient for you to participate in parent engagement activities?

10. Please list additional activities that you feel the school district can provide to you to assist the needs of your family.