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Results of the Annual Title One Review Meeting

During the week of May 18, 2017 our schoolwide leadership team conducted the annual review of our schoolwide program. To conduct the review, we gathered data on student achievement and analyzed the programs implemented to raise student achievement. Some highlights of the data that was gathered include the following:
-MAPS data showed that students are showing growth in reading and math.
-SC Ready data shows that students are stronger in ELA that Math.
-Results from REFLEX math and Education City were also shared.
Other information was also shared concerning the parent engagement program as the school's staff development program.
As a result of the annual review meeting, we are continuing with the programs implemented last year and plan to add a math tutor at grades 3 and 4. The school will continue to offer:
-MAP testing
-Reduced class size
-Implement Tutoring in Math
-Strong staff development program for teachers to assist them in providing better instruction to students
-Continue activities involving parent engagement.
-Continue with REFLEX Math and Education City
Johnsonville Elementary will hold the annual parent meeting to discuss the Title One services that the school receives at the school open house held in August.
Title One is the largest federal aid program for schools. Through Title One, the federal government allocates money to school districts around the country based on the income level of families in each district. Each district uses its Title One money to provide extra educational services to enhance the academic program at eligible school-wide sites so that children who lag behind in school are given the support they need to succeed.
Schools that serve families who meet certain income requirements can operate a school-wide Title One project. This means that all students in an eligible school can receive Title One services.
If you would like more information on the above, please do not hesitate to contact Randy Smiley or Beth Snowden at 843-386-2358 or e-mail