Clubs & Organizations

We have several clubs at JES and we are in the process of adding more this year!


   Who can participate:  3rd and 4th Graders

   What: A performance based club.  Students get to sing, dance, and act in different plays and performances throughout the year.

   Sponsors:  Cassie Gaster, Abria Gunter, Canelia Bellflowers, Shelia Deas, Shelley Baxley, Tonya Eaddy, and Rhonda Daniel

News Show

   Who can participate:  4th Graders

   What:  Students record a weekly news show that broadcasts on Friday to the students of JES.

   Sponsor:  Brittany McDaniel

Beta Club

   Who can participate:  3rd and 4th Graders

   What:  This academic club has members invited based on test scores and report card grades.

   Sponsors:  Mallory Feagin and Morgan Turner

Project Unify

   Who can participate: 4th Graders

   What:  These students work with our students in special services.  They buddy up with a child for Special Olympics.

   Sponsor:  Jimmie Lynn Marlow